banish breakouts and reduce wrinkles.. what you eat affects your appearance

It seems to be an ever growing struggle, the amount of time we have to spend in the bathroom and in front of the mirror in our endless grooming routine.  Not only are we wasting time, but it gives our boyfriends/husbands/and men in general the ability to nag at our penchant for being late.  Through a bit of hard research (combing hundreds of beauty magazines, I know, hard life) I have found 8 superfoods that will help your beauty shine from the inside so we can spend less time in the mirror and more time out and about.

1. Pumpkin Seeds- Banish Breakouts. They are packed with zinc, and it has been found that those with acne are usually zinc deficient.

2. Watercress- Reduces a Puffy Face.  They are packed with antioxidants and iron, which help diminish pore size, reduce inflammation, and give you a healthy glow.

3. Spinach- Brighter and Whiter Eyes. Packed with lutein, spinach helps protect your eyes and make them pop.

4. Apples- Brighter Teeth.  These have been show to actually buff away the stains on teeth from coffee, red wine, and other vices.  Hello to saving money on teeth bleaching!

5. Green Beans- Stronger, Thicker Hair.  These are high in silicon which leads to stronger and thicker hair after repeated consumption.

6. Flaxseed- Rid Dry Skin. This contains important omega-3 fatty acids which hydrate and smooth skin.

7. Kiwis- Boost Collagen = Reduce Wrinkles. These are an excellent source of vitamin C which stimulates collagen production and more collages equals less wrinkles due to its firming and elastic powers.

8. Eggs- Hard as Nails.  These are rich in biotin which has been shown to strengthen nails.  This can help extend a mani or pedi much past its usual expiration date.

Thanks to allure magazine for providing these superfoods so hopefully we can all cut down on our prep time!