fabulous on-the-fly fixes for beauty emergencies

minimergency pic

Most of the time I carry around a handbag the size of Rhode Island, but when going out at night I manage to cram half of the belongings in a wristlet the size of a coin purse.  Needless to say this coin purse has no capability of carrying the essentials needed for a long night out so I have compiled a list of fabulous tips and tricks to fix most beauty emergencies.

To smooth a jagged nail...  Swipe a matchbook from the hostess stand of a restaurant or run your nail along your jeans vigorously.  This will dull the sharp edges.

To stop a shiny complexion... Use toilet paper or toilet seat covers in the bathroom.  Blot over the shiny areas and the paper will absorb the excess oil.

To fake deodorant... Dab a dime sized amount of hand sanitizer on "affected" area. The alcohol in hand sanitizer will kill odor causing bacteria.

To lighten wine stained lips.. Grab a packet of sugar and use it as a scrub.  Add a little water from the bathroom sink in your palm and use it to scrub away the stains.

To get rid of raccoon eyes and fix flyaways... Hand lotion, that simple.  For under eye smudges use a dab of lotion and wipe away with a tissue, it will act like a cream cleanser.  For flyaways mix hand lotion with equal parts water and use as a makeshift hair smoothing serum. Voila.

Hopefully some of these tips can help reduce the amount of cramming necessary to fit all your beauty essentials in the tiny coin purse we deem a handbag on nights out.