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review: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish

As many of you reading this well know, I'm a gel nail fanatic.  My nails are NEVER naked, it's almost a trademark of mine.  Spending $30 every two weeks wasn't in my budget so I purchased the UV light and subsequent base, color, and top coats to DIY it.  Here's how to do your own DIY Gel Nails, the shellac/UV light required kind of gel. Going the DIY route will keep costs down (after the initial product investment) but can at times be time consuming, bad if you have nail color ADHD, and hard to maintain while traveling.  

I've recently been spending about half my time living in Texas... out of a suitcase. Unfortunately there wasn't room for my UV light and rainbow of gel polishes.  About three weeks in the light pink I chose before I headed south was on its last leg and I knew I needed quick fix.  Enter Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel

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DIY: CND shellac gel nails

If you love the feeling of a professional shellac manicure from the salon but cannot afford to pay 30+ dollars every two weeks this article is for you!  I have very basic nail painting skills from years of practice and strong desire to stop frivolously spending money on manicures that I chip immediately upon leaving the salon so I decided to research doing my own shellac nails at home.  As it turns out, a self serve shellac manicure is no more difficult than a regular manicure and after a first time investment in the CND products anyone can have beautiful, strong, shiny nails!

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