for hair that shines

Hair not as shiny as you want it to be?  A few simple habits could be sabotaging your healthy, luscious locks.

  • Leftover Product - I am a dedicated co-washer to keep my dry, sometimes straw-like hair happy and healthy but overtime conditioners, styling products, and mineral deposits from water can build up on hair.

Fix: Mix baking soda with a little water until you develop a paste and gently scrub through hair, roots to ends. Leave in 5 minutes.  Shampoo out, condition and style as normal!

  • Crappy Conditioning - Dry, brittle hair is going to have a hard time looking shiny.  Co-washing is a great way to avoid shampoo drying out your hair but if you must reach for the poo remember to leave your conditioner on for at least two minutes in the shower
  • Sun Damage - Overexposure to direct sunlight can inflict the same damage as bleach. Wear a hat to the beach or spritz on a UV protectant spray.
  • Not So Hot Tools - Using a cooler blow dryer or slightly less hot straightening iron may seem like a smart idea but low heat won't get the job done in one pass so you blow dry longer or run the straightener over a couple times.  Doing this is far more damaging than shorter, more efficient heat sessions.
  • Hot Tools on Wet Hair - That moment when steam comes off your hair while you're adding some luscious curls.. not a good sign.  Using hot tools on hair that isn't 100% dry (other than a blow dryer) doesn't just damage your strands, it boils them.  Blow dry hair when damp, not soaping wet.  AND always use a heat protectant spray.


Need a quick shine fix?  Here are a few simple tips to help hair look shinier in an instant.

  1. Get a Trim - A quick trim of your ends will remove split ends and make hair look overall healthier.  Blunt cuts are the best for showing off shine
  2. Go For Dark - Dark hair is usually shinier than bleached, blonde, or highlighted hair.  Dark colors reflect light and doesn't endure the damage that chemically lightened hair does.  Stick with your natural color, go a bit darker, or use a glaze for high shine.
  3. Use a Shine Spray - SPARINGLY, too much can cause product build up and thus, dull hair.  A light spritz or small blob of a shine spray or serum can instantly soften ends and add shine.  Be careful to stay away from roots or you'll end up looking oily.


Stay shiny,