how to build a designer wardrobe for a fraction of the cost


Every girl loves to shop, maybe it's hardwired or maybe it's a product of our environment, but either way it can be a major drain on your super cute kate spade cost more than you wanted to spend but you just had to have it wallet.  The solution you ask? I've found ways to score designer (or indistinguishable designer look-a-likes) for a fraction of the price.

Solution #1: Bargain Hunting

With a little elbow grease and a lot of patience and hard work spending a few hours in a discount store can be worth it.  Before you go shopping read up on labels and brands that interest you so you know what to look for when your knee deep in a clothing rack. Use your smart phone to google any designer you may stumble across while shopping but don't know much about.

Where to look? Nordstrom Rack, Sax Fifth Ave Off Fifth, Marshalls, TJ Maxx

Solution #2: Online Boutiques

Dying for a gold J. Crew pave link bracelet? Check out Etsy or VeryJane.  Small online boutiques are a great place to find indistinguishable designer look-a-likes for a completely manageable price tag. Do some research into the retailer before placing your order because many of the items are not returnable but generally the merchants are very easy to work with.

Where to look?,,

Solution #3: Consignment Stores & Online Auctions

My very favorite pair of Seven jeans came from the consignment store around the corner.  You must look past the "ew someone wore this" and see the potential.  We are all guilty of spending an exorbitant amount of money on a special item, wearing it only once, and then shunning it to the back of our closet because it didn't fit like we expected. The savvy shopper will turn around and sell that item for a percentage of what it was worth new and buy a new designer handbag or necklace.  This is your golden opportunity to snag a piece of merchandise that was worn maybe once for half the price.

Where to look? Consignment stores,, Poshmark (mobile app)

Building your wardrobe with fabulous pieces can be done on a budget. With a little ingenuity and a good eye you can have the closet of your dreams!