my journey to health

Recently I decided to change up my diet in a huge way.  Blessed with a fast metabolism I have the ability to eat pretty much whatever I choose and stay the same size, even if it is slowly killing me from the inside out.  When I tell someone that I’m not eating gluten, dairy, preservatives, or sugar right now they look at me like I have ten heads and then spit out some remark on how I’m already too skinny, or I better not be trying to lose weight.  Well I’m NOT.

Diet in this country revolves around weight loss.  Here have a brownie that contains 17 different chemicals and something they use to preserve dead bodies and yoga mats BUT it only has 100 calories.  Big companies call this “healthy” food.  FALSE. Real food comes from earth, it’s grown without chemicals, and has no genetically modified components.

80% of our body composition is made up of what we eat. Disease and illness runs rampant in our culture and most of the time food is overlooked as a source of healing and prevention.  If you are what you eat then taking control of your diet is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

This is not a perfect journey.  There will be days when I eat that WHOLE bar of chocolate, moment when I feel like I want to give up, or times that I can’t afford to buy organic, but I am making this choice for me. I’m making this choice to help fend of the cancer that runs in my mother’s side of the family, I’m making this choice to help clear up occasional breakouts that make me incredibly self conscious, I’m making this choice so I can be a better version of myself each and every day.

Follow me on this journey, it’s not going to be easy but it is going to be worth it.