summer skin secrets

Breakouts, sunburns, and red skin can make you look like you vacationed on the surface of the sun as opposed to spending a relaxing weekend at the beach.  Thanks to Allure magazine and some top doctors I have compiled some tips and tricks to help us look like the summer makes us feel.

Trouble #1: Oiliness- Use a peel.  An in office or over the counter peel can help clear dulling skin skin by removing dead skin cells and draw excess oil out of your pores. Also, try a sulfur mask or cleanser.  Sulfur ingredients help absorb excess oil.

Trouble #2: Fading Make Up- Add a daily moisturizer with a gradual self-tanner.  This will reduce the amount of foundation by evening out your color.   Use oil absorbing sheets instead of powder for falling makeup.  They absorb the oil without removing what you took all morning putting on.

Trouble #3: Straw-like Hair- Give your hair a vacation.  Take a few days off of heat styling each week to let your relax.  Use a sea spray to enhance natural waves or pull your hair into a loose bun.  If you are attached to your heat styling regimen be sure to use a hair mask at least once a week.  I like It’s A 10 Hair Repair Mask and coconut oil.  I apply either on the ends of hair, getting about an inch away from the scalp, and let sit for 15-20 minutes before showering.  Wearing a sunscreen formulated for hair is also useful for blocking UV damage and protecting hair color.

Trouble #4: Sun Damage- Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen.  The use of sunscreen is THE most important regimen in the summer months.  It will prevent wrinkles and sunspots, leaving you looking years younger than your friends.  Sunscreen can come with its own host of problems.  Look for a mineral based formula that is non-comedogenic to reduce the likelihood of breakouts.  If the damage is done and you’ve got a sunburn, take an advil immediately to reduce swelling and use an aloe based moisturizer, not something thick and greasy.

Hope these hot weather tips help you stay looking gorgeous, even in this heat!