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healthy banana chocolate ice cream

Clean eating is my mantra but I would be lying if I told you I didn't miss ice cream on the daily. Lately I've been experimenting with re-creating some of my favorite comfort foods with healthy ingredients.  Today's project: ice cream. Did I mention this ice cream only has three ingredients? 

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the clean eating, clear skin diet

Clear skin.  Many of us thought those annoying bumps, blackheads, and acne would be long gone by time we hit our mid-twenties. Well, someone lied to us.  And all those times the dermatologist told us eating an entire plate of cheese fries isn't causing those breakouts... well that too was a lie.

Clear skin can be linked directly our diet. In fact, our bodies are a direct product of what we put in them... you are what you eat. Many foods in our diet can cause damaging inflammation, as a result of this our bodies show signs of wear, tear, and damage.

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my journey to health

Recently I decided to change up my diet in a huge way.  Blessed with a fast metabolism I have the ability to eat pretty much whatever I choose and stay the same size, even if it is slowly killing me from the inside out.  When I tell someone that I’m not eating gluten, dairy, preservatives, or sugar right now they look at me like I have ten heads and then spit out some remark on how I’m already too skinny, or I better not be trying to lose weight.  Well I’m NOT.

Diet in this country revolves around weight loss.  Here have a brownie that contains 17 different chemicals and something they use to preserve dead bodies and yoga mats BUT it only has 100 calories.  Big companies call this “healthy” food.  FALSE. Real food comes from earth, it’s grown without chemicals, and has no genetically modified components.

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the great skin diet

Good diet, great skin.  To achieve beautiful flawless screen you must take care of your skin both inside and out.  Sometimes harder than it seems when our world is full of donuts, sugary cocktails, and processed foods, but the results are almost immediately noticeable and most definitely worth it.  Here is my own take and recommendations on "The Clear Skin Diet" and clean eating.

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