tea tree oil for breakouts

In the search for perfect skin we all run into occasional breakouts and clogged pores on the way. Whoever told you that acne was something confined to your teenage years only way lying to you!   Preventative measures are the best line of defense (diet & skincare routine) but sometimes pimples just pop up and when they do I use tea tree oil as a spot treatment to reduce inflammation, bacteria, and speed up healing time.  It is uniquely both a disinfectant and soothing agent. 

How to use: I use pure organic tea tree oil and a q-tip.  Drop 2-3 drops oil onto the end of your q-tip and apply gently to annoying pimple, whitehead, or blackhead one or twice a day. Voila, watch pimple inflammation decrease and spot heal faster. Over application will not get you anywhere except for drying out your skin and worsening said pimple. 

Tea tree oil is an effective and affordable acne treatment that has been rumored to work as well as benzoyl peroxide and it is all natural.  As you may know natural and affordable skin care / beauty routines are my jam. You can check out my Apple Cider Vinegar Toner for acne, dullness, and wrinkles here