the grass is always greener.. my momentary desire to become a chicken sex expert

the grass is always greener

(This blog post is archived from a previous entry guest blogging in July 2013, thought it was worth the repost!) The grass is always greener on the other side.. no really it is. Sitting at my desk the other day my coworkers mentions a former client of his who is a chicken sex expert. Yes you read that correctly, a chicken sex expert or chicken sexer. He spent his days accurately guessing the sex of chicks, traveling around to various farms, and was paid astonishingly well. I suddenly found a part of myself feeling jealous of this elusive chicken sex guessing man.  He worked for himself, spent a good amount of time outside on farms, and made good money doing it.  I thought, well how hard could this job be, maybe I secretly wanted to be a chicken sexer.

Lets be clear, I have a great job. As a social media manager I get paid to work on facebook and twitter all day and get paid well. My job satisfaction level is up there and yet for a moment I wanted what this man had. Why? The grass is always greener. We always want what we don't have because we see the romance in the situation. It's as if we are blinded by the positive qualities and somehow manage to ignore the giant negative that are staring us in the face. The negatives of being a chicken sexer involve the fact that I am petrified of chickens, bird flu, and bad smells, not to mention slowly making my way to vegetarianism.

The grass is greener where you water it. That is the only solution. If we take time to appreciate what we have maybe the grass on the other side will eventually just look like the same shade of green.