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how to build a designer wardrobe for a fraction of the cost

Every girl loves to shop, maybe it's hardwired or maybe it's a product of our environment, but either way it can be a major drain on your super cute kate spade cost more than you wanted to spend but you just had to have it wallet.  The solution you ask? I've found ways to score designer (or indistinguishable designer look-a-likes) for a fraction of the price.

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fabulous on-the-fly fixes for beauty emergencies

Most of the time I carry around a handbag the size of Rhode Island, but when going out at night I manage to cram half of the belongings in a wristlet the size of a coin purse.  Needless to say this coin purse has no capability of carrying the essentials needed for a long night out so I have compiled a list of fabulous tips and tricks to fix most beauty emergencies.

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