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how to find the cheapest airfare - even when it seems impossible!

It's no secret I spend a lot of time traveling, just look at my instagram.  With a boyfriend in the military over 2000 miles away, a job that can be done with nothing more than wifi and my laptop, and a love of seeing new places it's safe to say I spend a good chunk of my time looking up airline prices, paying airline prices, being in an airport, or flying 10,000+ miles in the air. 

If you're traveling roundtrip from NYC to Orlando finding an affordable flight may not be that much of a challenge. BUT if you're flying from one slightly obscure airport to another ever more obscure airport you may be paying close to $500 for a one way. WHICH IS OUTRAGEOUS!  I've compiled a list of tried and true methods to keep airline costs down...

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the people you meet on planes... life lessons from strangers

I must preface this by saying that I spend a greater than normal amount of time above 10,000 feet. It goes without saying that after spending half of your child's college fund to purchase a plane ticket that either doesn't leave at the time you wanted or you end up having seven connections then having to grit your teeth and bear it through the few hours of torture you're bound to endure until you make it to your final destination, you're most likely a wee bit aggravated.

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