i live where? learning to move like a happy nomad

As many of you may know, I've recently made the permanent move out of New England and down to south Texas, soon to be Florida for a short while, then off to somewhere else (we have no clue where) for a couple more years, then off to somewhere else.. again. 

If you don't know me, let me fill you in.  I'm a tiny bit of a control freak who feels the need to nest everywhere she goes.  Not exactly the prime candidate for the military SO life, but sometimes you just meet someone who fills your other half and makes everything possible.  

Embarking on our first big move in a couple weeks here's what i've learned so far..

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healthy banana chocolate ice cream

Clean eating is my mantra but I would be lying if I told you I didn't miss ice cream on the daily. Lately I've been experimenting with re-creating some of my favorite comfort foods with healthy ingredients.  Today's project: ice cream. Did I mention this ice cream only has three ingredients? 

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review: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish

As many of you reading this well know, I'm a gel nail fanatic.  My nails are NEVER naked, it's almost a trademark of mine.  Spending $30 every two weeks wasn't in my budget so I purchased the UV light and subsequent base, color, and top coats to DIY it.  Here's how to do your own DIY Gel Nails, the shellac/UV light required kind of gel. Going the DIY route will keep costs down (after the initial product investment) but can at times be time consuming, bad if you have nail color ADHD, and hard to maintain while traveling.  

I've recently been spending about half my time living in Texas... out of a suitcase. Unfortunately there wasn't room for my UV light and rainbow of gel polishes.  About three weeks in the light pink I chose before I headed south was on its last leg and I knew I needed quick fix.  Enter Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel

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skimm this...

Busy schedules, a multitude of responsibilities and life can make it impossible to keep up with the world around us.  Keeping up with current events, both in the world, nation, politics, entertainment, sports, and so forth is important to me.  Not only to be able to keep a conversation with friends, family, colleagues and the people I run into, but to keep educated and informed.

Enter the skimm.. 

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tea tree oil for breakouts

In the search for perfect skin we all run into occasional breakouts and clogged pores on the way. Whoever told you that acne was something confined to your teenage years only way lying to you!   Preventative measures are the best line of defense (diet & skincare routine) but sometimes pimples just pop up and when they do I use tea tree oil as a spot treatment to reduce inflammation, bacteria, and speed up healing time.  It is uniquely both a disinfectant and soothing agent. 

How to use..

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how to find the cheapest airfare - even when it seems impossible!

It's no secret I spend a lot of time traveling, just look at my instagram.  With a boyfriend in the military over 2000 miles away, a job that can be done with nothing more than wifi and my laptop, and a love of seeing new places it's safe to say I spend a good chunk of my time looking up airline prices, paying airline prices, being in an airport, or flying 10,000+ miles in the air. 

If you're traveling roundtrip from NYC to Orlando finding an affordable flight may not be that much of a challenge. BUT if you're flying from one slightly obscure airport to another ever more obscure airport you may be paying close to $500 for a one way. WHICH IS OUTRAGEOUS!  I've compiled a list of tried and true methods to keep airline costs down...

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