DIY farmhouse coffee table

Recently we've been on a mission for a new coffee table, one large enough to accommodate the many people we cram into our living room to watch Game Of Thrones every Sunday, sturdy enough to survive the many moves we make with the Navy, and affordable enough to fit in our budget. Hint: it doesn't exist.  So we decided to DIY our own. Thanks to blogger Ana White, we found plans for the Tryde Coffee Table and got to work.

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DIY chalkboard signs: tips & tricks

Recently I jumped on the chalkboard sign bandwagon... and I LOVE IT.  Not only was it fun to make, but it's art that can be updated with the seasons or changed with your mood.  When I started writing on the smaller one I was shocked at HOW TERRIBLE I was at it.  So don't get discouraged if your first few attempt come out looking like your second grader did it.  It only took a few tries and a good wet cloth to erase the mistakes to get a feel for it.

Here are my favorite DIY chalkboard tips and tricks...

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the story of scout

It was our plan to adopt a dog once we hit our next location but sometimes (most times) things don't go as planned.  We saw Scout at a local rescue and we just couldn't resist.  While all the other dogs were barking, she was sitting still roping us in with her sad puppy eyes.  She looked relatively healthy but her coat was dull and she looked tired.  So we decided to adopt her, or I guess she decided to adopt us.

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