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owner/social media strategist of LM Social Marketing. fashion, beauty, & lifestyle blogger. a girl on a mission.

why: the company? entrepreneurship, social media, and love for people

Heading into a corporate job in social media straight out of college helped me gain a better understanding of what I really wanted in a career.  I loved social media, working with people, and the creativity a job in marketing/PR demands but I had an unquenchable thirst to do things my way, to not be confined by rules set before me.  Thus, LM Social Marketing was born.  

I feel so blessed to never have a "Monday".  Every day I wake up with a passion to help my clients succeed, brainstorm new business ventures, and enjoy the freedom of travel only being one's own boss can accommodate.  Most days you'll find me nestled in a corner at the local Starbucks or in my home office drinking a cup of coffee.  These things in life just can't be beat.

why: the blog? a passion for travel, skincare, fashion, & beauty

Leaving a steady paying job and starting my own business when I was 23 was what some would call reckless and others call insane, but I call it passion. Of course in the beginning being self-employed comes with a pay cut.  I have a tendency to enjoy the finer things in life (aka beauty products and clothes) and the thought of giving up my lifestyle just wasn't going to work for me.  

So creative I became..  I LOVE a good gel manicure, actually I won't even bother with regular polish, but who has spare cash to spend $30 every two weeks?  Not this girl.  In doing my research with a little help from Amazon and practice, I've perfected the DIY Shellac Gel Mani for less than $2 a pop. You just can't beat that. This blog is me sharing what i've learned to live well on a budget.

DIY has become one of my favorite topics.  Everything from Apple Cider Vinegar Facial Toner to DIY Shampoo in this post. It's a wonderful way to save money, use natural ingredients, and be the best you! 

what i do:

LM Social Marketing

Specializing in social media strategy, management, and marketing, LM Social Marketing is a full service social and digital marketing firm for individuals, small and medium businesses.

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The Better You Dress

The better you dress, the worse you can behave. The Better You Dress is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog combining my love for fashion with affordable DIY and natural solutions.

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